Smart Marketing Solutions

Smart Marketing

The large-format advertising solutions from us, Brandebuzz, allow for optimal use of space and, thanks to their slim design, playfully fit into the context designed by the architect. They are equally suitable for art displays, branding walls, cultural information or classic large format outdoor advertising. Based on proven systems and technologies, our customers receive products in individual masses and combinations with project-specific fixing details. We believe that the bigger and more concise the advertising space, the more important are the individual adaptation possibilities to existing structures and architecture.

Our marketing services include, but are not limited to:

What Are The Different Branding Solutions We Offer?

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Online Social Marketing Campaigns and Social Content Management
  • Media Research & Sourcing
  • Direct Mail
  • Interactive Content Creation
  • Sales Strategy, Planning and Execution
  • Event/Conference Optimization
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • VIP/Executive Decision Maker Outreach Programs
  • Telemarketing Script Development
  • Advertising Strategy
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