Ready to Use Software Applications

Ready to Use
Software Applications

If you don’t have a model, you can’t measure and analyze your software. Period.

Well, we have a broad experience introducing improvement plans to all kinds of organizations. We noticed that organizations have common issues and interests. There was a need to define a software model and an associated methodology, supported by tools, products and solutions.

Abstract from technical layer. Your quality information will be independent from programming languages and platforms.Compare different versions of the same software. This answers the most important question: has my software improved?Compare the analytics of different applications. It does not matter if they are different kinds ofapplications or that they are developed in different technologies.Evaluate the technical requisites in order to accept the software from a third party provider.

But also, other benefits:

Aggregations of data. You can aggregate the analytics information from different applications in order to get an evaluation of the software produced by a provider, a country or IT area compared to others.

Continuous improvement process. You can apply a quality control methodology in your software lifecycle process.

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