Hybrid Email

Optimize Your Budget

Get the most affordable solution for your business with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Using these products, you can get the best, fastest, and most affordable solution for your business's needs.

Enjoy Flexible with Hybrid Email Choices

Hybrid Email hosting is a great way to reduce your cost of Email services. By utilizing an , alongside With the benefits of hybrid Email, the Email hosting solution is likely to provide considerable savings compared to the cost.

Hybrid Email service Options

Choose multiple email services for your company

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Is a famous choice for many organizations .You receive messages, coordinate efforts, and project the executive's files storage document editing.

Google workspace

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) is an across the board suite of web applications that help your group to team up better and create business

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Oxbox ( with business email )

OX App Suite is a stage intended to convey a wide scope of cloud-based joint effort administrations for, Hosts and Providers.

How Does Hybrid Email Hosting Work?

Single domain Has multiple email platforms like Google workspace +business email and microsoft 360 + business emails .to get the software at the most affordable price.

1. IT manager configures 100 users on on-premise mailing solution (ceo@mycompany.in, cfo@mycompany.in)

IT manager configures rest 900 users on Rediffmail Pro platform on primary domain itself (sales_agent@mycompany.in, helpdesk@mycomany.in )

3. The MX of primary domain points to on-premise mailing servers.

4. On-premise mailing solution relays mails intended for 900 users on Rediffmail Pro platform to ‘mail.rediffmailpro.com’

5. For outgoing mails, 100 users on on-premise mailing solution use their own SMTP setting and 900 users on you platform use SMTP settings of Pro mailing solution.

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