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India mesh (Champions)

Champion is a wire mesh manufacturing company weaving the widest range of wires in a wide variety of metals. The company weaving experience gathered since inception in 1969 enables production of even difficult to weave combinations. Modern technique and a flexible production plan enable company to meet the requirements of both the large volume user and also the small quantity customer with equal ease.


* Uneasy access to information about business
* Accounting takes long time and is more difficult
* Sales and the Customer Experience are suffering
* The technology that has been used is time consuming


Champion Enterprise Management System (CEMS) is an ERP system specially designed for the champion manufacturing functioning. It is a sophisticated, completely integrated package, and maps the most current, as well as the traditionally prevalent, business practices in vogue today.

Standard modules like Assets Management, Sales & Distribution, Production Planning & Control, Quality Management, Product Costing, Materials Management & Inventory Control, Plant Maintenance, Human Resource Management and Payroll etc. are incorporated in the package. CEMS is developed on dot net as its front-end, and have MS- SQL Server and MS-Access database(s) as back-end.

Advit offered Inventory Automation System, Production Automation System and Web application having product code – screens ordering , wire mesh ordering ; inventory – raw material , finished goods , stores – Inward/outward movement ,men ,materials , gate integration ; productions/job order/packing orders ; production / work monitoring and web integration.

Labelle Bodycare Pvt Ltd

La belle Bodycare Pvt Ltd is into business of weight loss and fitness having centers in Hyderabad and Chennai with latest slimming technology. The client was seeking solution to inventory management, report generation, analytics, and internal communication and customer relationship management system. Advit renowned for offering custom built software solution offered SWIFT- Faster Health & Beauty Care Management Software suite to La belle Bodycare Pvt Ltd having the following traits that need no description for the success.

* Inventory control and tracking system
* Enquiry booking
* Full appointment book and appointment tracking
* Customer Relationship Management
* Employee scheduling and time clock
* Unlimited number of employees
* Unlimited number of computer licenses
* Sales totals and sales tax reporting
* Automatic database backups
* Gift card usage and tracking
* Multiple payment mode
* Call reminder compatible
* Remote access

Cafe Desire

Cafe Desire a premier food beverages manufacturing and marketing company based in Hyderabad, India into business of installing tea and coffee vending machines and supplying beverage mixes regularly to small, medium, large offices, shops, bakeries, schools, colleges, cinema theaters, hospitals and other organization.


With the rapid sales growth and scale up of business operation nation and worldwide, Café Desire seek automation to streamline its franchise management for prospecting new franchisees, tracking sales and calculating royalties, managing the communication and information associated with each franchisee.


Advit offered web based solution to enhance the existing operations and compiling the information required with a click event.

Franchise Management System – Whether it’s prospecting for new franchisees, tracking sales and calculating royalties, or managing the communication and information associated with each franchisee, we can help streamline and coordinate information across a few or a few number locations.

Advit Franchise Management System comprises of Franchise Manager Services, franchise directory, intranet and resource center, royalty Management, franchise Report center, and franchise help desk.

Franchise Manager Services has been specifically designed for franchising and allows managing the entire sales process for prospective franchisees. From initial contact through to grand opening the Manager Services delivers one tight solution for growing your franchise system.

The system includes

* Automatically Collect and Import Leads
* Distribute and Collaborate on Prospects
* Track Marketing Sources & ROI
* Integrated e-Mail Marketing & Responders
* Electronically Distribute FDD’s (Franchise Disclosure Documents)
* Document Storage Center
* Analytics & Reporting
* Communication Log
* Shared Calendar and Meetings

The Franchise Directory puts you in control of the franchise relationship and provides all of the franchisee information at your fingertips. The Directory streamlines the effort associated with maintaining good governance and can help reduce overhead, litigation, and problems with your franchisees.

The system includes

* Franchisee Profile and Database
* Franchise Agreements
* Communications Log
* Field Reports Log
* Create Ticklers, Alerts & Reminders
* Document Storage Center

DELTA (Cedar Crestone Software India)

Cedar Crestone seeks a middleware tool, which would integrate any ERP application (PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, SAP, etc.) with Workday. A web based tool -Workday Conversion tool enables the system integrators to configure the required mappings, transactions and store the data in Oracle database is used for that purpose. Workday would access the data directly from Oracle database using Workday iLoad utility.

Workday Conversion Utility

Workday Conversion tool is a middleware tool which integrates any ERP application (PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, SAP, etc) with Workday. A web based tool enables the system integrators to configure the required mappings, transactions, etc and store the data in Oracle database. Workday access the data directly from Oracle database using Workday iLoad utility.

Advit developed data uploads, data translations , data mappings and data process automated tools to facilitate the conversion project:

Workday Conversion tool was developed using Microsoft technologies on Oracle Database. CCI proposes it to be on .Net framework which would be deployed in the datacenters and can be accessed by the system integrators.

The tool is capable of reading the data from csv files and load into the Workday staging tables. The Business Analyst would map the data between source & Workday records and process the data. There will be a provision for some basic data transformations. The processed data would be stored in the Oracle database and keep it available for Workday iLoad to access it. For the Phase1, we would be considering the PeopleSoft HCM 8.8 and Oracle EBS data. For PeopleSoft HCM 8.8 the csv files would be a direct data dump of the records. For Oracle EBS, the csv files will be given in a predefined data format.

The tool has the ability to choose the required modules in PeopleSoft HCM/Finance & Oracle EBS. The data transformations along with the data mapping between PeopleSoft/Oracle EBS and Workday records can be configured in the tool.

The tool has the ability to choose the source system (PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, SAP, etc) and configure the required mappings with data transformations. (KAB Educational Consultants)

KAB- is an initiative of KAB Educational Consultants, the AP’s best student career guidance center with an aim to encourage students studying in Rural, Urban Schools/Colleges which are not offering specialized training to JEE, NEET, CPT courses.

The teaching learning practices are well designed to understand the core concepts of the basic subjects easily. Different techniques are used to improve the student abilities in problem solving and development of student analytical skills. platform offers classroom teaching and virtual live classes from its Hyderabad studio, which can be viewed using internet at different parts of the country. The well trained and highly qualified lecturers train the students, clarifies student doubts via phone, mail and chat. platforms helps students to learn subject fundamentals, concepts with relevant examples, demonstration using multimedia tools, 2D/3D visuals graphics and PPT and technical tools and technical aids.


Advit Course and Learning Management System for RankersLearning is a web/internet-based software system to assist and facilitate the process of teaching and learning in a higher school environment. The solutions enables students to access their course or class related information including schedules, course objectives, digital study materials such as documents, images, audio and video lessons, online or eLearning modules, exam preparation modules, online workbooks and assignments using a web browser on the desktop or laptop computer. The centralized LMS server maintains all the student and course information and data. Through an easily customizable web portal and course catalog interface, students may enroll in one or more courses at any given time based on their degree, continuation education or certification program using a secure login and password. An integrated payment and e-commerce system enables students to make online payments for various courses and study materials using credit card and other non-electronic payment methods.

Faculty members may access the Advit Course Management System to manage classes they are teaching in a semester or year. They can upload and share with students all the class related documents and digital content such as audio, video, eBooks, assignments and more. New discussion topics may be added easily. The built-in tools assist faculty in administrative aspects of class management including managing class schedules and activities, student attendance, posting homework and exam assignment and managing grade books. Some of the online assignments may be graded automatically using objectives questions such as multiple choice, fill-in-the blank or matching questions and some may be graded by faculty and teaching assistants using online workbooks with long answer responses or digital document submissions.

Rachnoutsav Events Academy

Rachnoutsav Events Academy (REA) offers training services in the field of Event Management and empowers participants with requisite skills to outshine others.

REA growth in business and students enquiry from worldwide required portal listing the courses , framework for interacting with REA management and an effective online Student Application Registrations with Psychometric Test through for admission.

Advit developed portal requisite framework with ecommerce functionality to sell the selected products through the site and integration with existing application for product catalogue and inventory management.

* Key Functionalities of the REA online includes
* Enquiry registration page
* Emailing solution
* Applying online application for selecting related course
* Courses Information
* Payment Gateway
* Application online
* Confirmation Emailing
* Psychometric Test
* Admin Control Panel
* Usability Requirements
* Application to convey the standards of REA as approved
* Very simple and user friendly Interface for the application

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